ABSMAGIC ™ ABS Abdominal Roller Exercise Wheel



✔️ THICKENED STEEL PIPE:High-quality thick stainless steel roller and can withstand high-intensity exercise. It can be used by almost all men and women of weight. Built-in rebound system makes it easy to return.

✔️ FAST BURNING FAT:Targeted, faster to burn belly fat.Complete 3 sets of movements, you can feel the heat of the abdomen. Compared with sit-ups, it can reduce the pressure on the lower back and avoid straining the lower back muscles.

✔️ MULTI-ANGLE WORK:Widen wheel and ergonomic handles, ensuring smooth rolling, supporting forward and bevel work. Supporting a full progress of abdominal arm chest exercise and making exercise more interesting.

✔️ WEAR-RESISTANT & MUTE:It is composed of an anti-slip layer, reinforcing layer, shock-absorbing layer, sound-absorbing layer, and a support layer. It is wear-resistant and does not hurt the floor, and has a good mute effect.

✔️ BEST CHOICE: If you also want to have healthy muscles and lines, do it now. Our abdominal muscles can help you reach it quickly.


June Fox Ab Roller

June Fox Ab Roller

Applicable people - men, women, beginners, professional person.

Easy to operate, excellent results.

Save time and money

There is no expensive gym membership card fee, no far way.

It takes two hours to go to the gym, and you can achieve the same exercise effect by using this ab roller for 10 minutes.


Strengthen targeted exercise

Strengthen targeted exercise

Abdominal muscle training

Latissimus dorsi training

Deltoid training

Biceps training

Pectoralis major training

Internal kinetic energy engine uses carbon steel springs to provide resistance, amplify and strengthen abdominal muscles.



Ergonomic handle grips

Ergonomic handle grips

Ergonomic handle grips have raised stop and blocked tails on both sides, which perfectly fits the posture of the hands during work.

It helps concentrated force and the effect is better. The matte non-slip texture design prevents slippage, especially when sweating, ensuring that the hands remain in place, safer and more effective.

Rebound design

When the ab roller is pushed to a tight state, there will be a rebound function to help return easily.