Claw Massager Body Massager Octopus Head Scalp

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100% brand new and high quality


Package: 1 Piece × Head Massager 

Material: fingers (stainless steel)

Massage head or points on body
Help to remove the muscle tension and tiredness, improve the blood circulation
Light weight massager, ideal for home, travel and office health care

Dimension: 23cm in length

Color: Random color


Four claw type massage roller, roller massage products a new concept, the human body based on 3D design, each site, suitable for the human body four claw, to

From the human finger concept, in the rolling massage, can also press the different points, so as to improve the massage effect!


  1.   A new finger type design, strengthening of three-dimensional angle massage, feel more comfortable;
  2.  The product is composed of four groups of a total of 32 convex roller, rolling massage, more natural, not to hurt the skin;

 Original type a Zen massage roller, in the back part of the handle products, add a separate set of roller,
Imitation thumb design of the human body, used for pressing acupoints;
What are the benefits of massage to our health ?
Through massage , relieve stress, promote blood circulation , relieve waist, back , leg pain and fatigue , feeling comfortable massage , thus achieving the health and relieve stress , especially for those who have been living under high pressure working condition reduces fatigue .
Massager can improve the overall function of the body:

  1. Improve sleep quality. 
  2. soothing active relax
  3. regulate gastrointestinal function
  4. Improve physical function
  5. Enhance the body immunity
  6. Promote blood circulation