Muscle Pain Relief Knee Pads Support for Gym Fitness Bandage

5X500 Green Camo
2.5X500 Green Camo
5X500 Green
2.5X500 Green
5X500 Yellow
2.5X500 Yellow
5X500 Light Blue
2.5X500 Light Blue
5X500 Black
2.5X500 Black
5X500 Pink
2.5X500 Pink
5X500 Red
2.5X500 Red
5X500 Pink Camo
2.5X500 Pink Camo
5X500 Blue Camo
2.5X500 Blue Camo
5X500 Skin
2.5X500 Skin
5X500 Orange
2.5X500 Orange
5X500 Purple
2.5X500 Purple

Product Description

Size: 5cm*5m/2.5cm*5m
Color: 12 Color and 2 Size Available
Material: Cotton and Medcial Glue


  1. Muscle strength imbalance
  2. Reduce swelling and help the lymphatic circulation
  3. Cyclre, soft tissue, joint and muscle dysfunction
  4. Subluxation
  5. Pinching syndrome
  6. Overuse / Chronic Fatigue

Packing List

1 X 5cm*5m Muscle Tape