How many times have you opened a door to a store, (friend's place, etc.) and get hit by an unpleasant smell! Its horrible cause sometimes you don't even know how to react.
Well, now you don't need to worry about that! 

Introducing Zence!
It's a revolutionary wearable tech that allows you to create your very own environment that you can take anywhere for up to 12 hours of relief. 
You can create 3 powerful environments:

  • Experience the Power of Essential Oils with Relax Zence Relax - Fresh Lavender Scent For Sleep, Calming & Stress Relief The fresh lavender scent will take you to your happy place, your place of peace, rest, and rejuvenation. Relax and unwind in your own personal paradise.


Zence Purify
  • Experience the Power of Essential Oils with Purify Zence - Fresh Lemon Scent For Clarity, Concentration & Nausea Relief The fresh lemon scent brings balance, clarity, and a sense of accomplishment to your day.
Zence Purify
  • Experience the Power of Essential Oils with Energize Zence Energize - Fresh Eucalyptus Scent For Power, Energy & Congestion Relief The fresh eucalyptus scent will give you the energy that you didn’t know you had. Inhale the goodness and clear your breathing pathways with a fresh clean scent that will recharge you with energy for hours! 



  • World's First Wearable No-Touch Technology.
  • Comfortable experience even for Sensitive Skin.
  • 100% Natural.
  • Vegan Friendly .
  • No synthetic Medications .
  • Sustainable materials & BPA free


  • Each box comes with 6 portable diffusers 
  • each last for 12 hrs